Foreign Travel: A Classic KP Analysis
Question of the Querent: Is foreign travel promised or not? If yes, when?
Horary Number: 75 (out of 249).
Time of Judgment: 02-04-2013 (Tuesday), 10:25:09 Hrs. (IST).
Place of Judgment: Durgapur, (Long / Lat: 23N30, 87E20), West Bengal
Ayanamsa: KPNA 23:57:07
My uncle who resides at Asansol was planning to travel overseas to meet his daughter who is
settled in USA. Due to his curiosity to know about his travel abroad which was quite evident, I
asked him to intimate any horary number between 1 to 249. Accordingly he told me a horary
number which is 75, I made the K.P. chart for the said number on dated 02-04-2013 at 10:25:09
AM at Durgapur.
Moon reveals the nature of query:
Moon is in the star of Ketu and sub of Rahu. Moon is the occupant of 5 (mental inclination), owner
of 1 (self effort). Starlord Ketu is the occupant of 10. Ketu acts as agent of Mars. Mars is the
occupant of 9, owner of 5, 10. Mars aspects 12th cusps by his 4th aspect. Mars is having stellar
positional strength i.e. untenanted (there is no planet in the stars of Mars) and the CSL of house 3,
6. Sublord Rahu is the occupant of 4. Rahu aspects 12th cusps by his 5th aspect. Rahu is the
chief karaka of foreign/foreign travel. Thus Moon signifies the relevant houses (3, 9 & 12). Hence
query is genuine.
Confirmation through Ascendant Sublord:
In horary chart ascendant indicates efforts of querent. In this case under reference, Ascendant
sublord is Mercury in 8 lord of 3 & 12. Mercury is the constellation of Jupiter in 11 (fulfilment of
desire) lord of 6 & 9. It is also the sub of Jupiter as discussed above. As Ascendant sublord
signifies 3, 9 & 12, the querent’s efforts will be fruitful for foreign travel.
Gulberga theory:
If sublord of horary number furnished happens to be either Moon star lord or Lagna star lord
among the Ruling Planets, then query is to be answered in the affirmative, otherwise not. In the
case under consideration sublord of horary number is Mercury and Lagna starlod of ruling planets
is Rahu. Rahu aspects Mercury by his 9th aspect. Hence I told the querent that the answer to his
query is positive and he will get a chance to travel abroad.
Fortuna is in the star of Jupiter in 11 lord of 6 & 9 and it is in the sub of Mercury in 8 lord of 3 &
12 which is indicating that he will be fortunate for a foreign travel.

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