Bhrigu Nandi Nadi (RSNA)


What principle lies on Rao’s System of Nadi Astrology?

Let us adore our ever great revered Nadi Guruji Late Prof. R.G. Rao, an incarnation of the presiding deity (Devata) of Nadi Astrology with our secret ancient system of Nadi Astrology propagated by him in a new scientific dimension after his long painstaking research called “Rao’s System of Nadi Astrology”.

He had taken some portions from Nandi Nadi and some from Bhrigu Nadi to establish his research work and written his magnum opus book “Bhrigu Nandi Nadi”. Later he wrote many books of Nadi Astrology based on the “RSNA principles”.

For Analyze the chart based on “RSNA Principles” we need only Birth Rasi Chart along with planetary degrees as well as Transit Chart from the place of judgement.

For interpreting the timing of events require superimposing the Transiting Planets over Natal chart. Reading the Rasi Chart alone is not giving the desired result. Always read the Rasi chart with Transit chart for better accuracy in your prediction.
Before enumerating the principles, some of the basic stuff requires to understand the concepts very well.
In “RSNA Principles”, the Lagna is not considered as of primary importance. In this system, in a male horoscope Jupiter represents the native and in a female horoscope Venus represents the native. Here in this Nadis we take into account Jupiter for births of children, Mercury for education, Saturn for profession, Venus for marriages and Jupiter’s transit over the sign occupied by Dragon Tail i.e. Ketu for religious travels or pilgrimages.
In “RSNA Principles” Saturn is the Lord of Karma means work. He is neither good nor bad. The results depend on the position of Saturn. His transit indicates the changes.

When considering results the sing occupied by a planet, the Lord of the sing, the other planets posited in that sing, the planets in the 2nd, 5th, 7th, 9th, 11th and 12th signs from such planets whose effects are being considered, have to be taken into account for assessing the results. The exchange of sings of that planet with another is also taken into consideration. In addition the major transits of Jupiter,
Saturn, Dragon Head (Rahu) and Dragon Tail (Ketu) are taken into account. They give the results of the sings they transits.
Now, take the causative i.e. karaka planet of the particular aspect you want to study, consider the adjacent houses of that planet and the seventh house there from. Then on the principles you find applied in this Nadi Astrology series, you will also be able to make correct predictions.

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