Remedial Astrology

Mr. Partha Sarathi Rout (Sree Rudrapriyo) provides remedial guidance to you and your family based on divine astrological science through the method of KP, Vedic and Nadi Astrology which holds secrets of dousing the ill effects of Prarabdh Karma through Mantra, Rudraksha and gem stones, even though he is very well versed with other remedial measures also.

Interpretation of Planets in Your Chart.


  1. Career report.
  2. Relationship report (With spouse).
  3. Strong Points in Your Chart
  4. Weak Points in Your Chart.
  5. What Does Your Moon Say?
  6. What does Your Sun say?
  7. How is next year going to be for You?
  8. When will Good fortunes start coming in Your Life?
  9. Starting letter for your name?
  10. Special features (Yogas) present in Your Chart.
  11. What diseases can affect You?
  12. How to make weak Planets strong in Your Chart.
  13. How to activate the hidden promises in Your chart?
  14. How to make marriage work better for You.
  15. Which gem stones to wear ?
  16. Which objects to keep on person and in House for enhancing Fortunes?

(Get premium reports Rs.1000 / US$ 30 per report )

This portion will contain detailed remedies for all your planets, bad periods, Saturn Sadesathi Remedies, Manglik Yoga remedies, Kaalsharpa Yoga remedies, Punarphoo Dosha remedies, stones, for all your dashas for next 5 years, which poojas to do at home on your own without spending much money, donations in each period which will not hurt your Pocket but yet give the desired effects.

 N.B.: Don’t ask any immoral questions on the above subject matters.

Good Luck..!!

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